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With 177 innovation stakeholders and counting: Hamburg offers a variety of innovation units, co-working spaces, labs and hubs across all suburbs. 

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Sustainable Aero Lab

BPE 4 Unternehmensbeteiligungen

Cross Innovation Hub



Beaufort Capital

Plug and Play

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)

University of Hamburg

IFB Innovationsstarter

beehive St. Georg

Who is innovating in Hamburg?


Accelerators offer fix-term, cohort-based structured programs for start-ups to prepare their products or services for potential investments.


Authorities most often innovate by issuing funding, loans, or invitations for tenders. Projects often lead to institutions that continue the general rationale behind the initial project.

Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces are shared office facilities that enable co-workers to rent small office spaces, a fixed or flex/hot desk, and share infrastructure within the facility to reduce office costs and foster a co-working community.

Innovation Communities

A community is a group of members that share a commonality and are connected by social media, a physical location, and /or a fixed program.


Consulting companies help their clients with professional experts by providing advice on purposeful activities, transferring knowledge, take on workload in projects.


Corporate units are fostering innovation within a company by e.g. performing entrepreneurial activities as intrapreneurs, partner with start-ups (venture clienting), or scout start-ups or individuals to acquire.

Educational Institutions

Education facilities and offerings span across universities and similar institutions as well as non-degree and online offerings.

Innovation Hubs

Hubs offer central consolidation of various activities, protagonists, or stakeholders within an industry branch, a geographical region, or main purpose the actors have in common.


Incubators provide a platform for entrepreneurs who want to test their business ideas, find founding team members and partners for cooperation.

Industry-specific Labs

Labs are playgrounds for building and testing out new business ideas, products, and services.


NGOs are non-governmental organizations that are formed independently from the government as non-profit organizations.

Risk Capital, VCs

Risk Capital refers to funds assigned to speculative activities executed by entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Company Builder

Company Builder strategically build companies with founders in residence either as stand alone units or corporate units.

Start Ups

Start-Ups are young companies that offer products and/or services in a market with high uncertenty leading to a higher risk.

With the various amount of existing innovation units, stakeholders and players, we already have everything in place in Hamburg to form a seamless innovation eco-system, where all stakeholders benefit from one another and contribute to the overall eco-system with their existing and connected offerings:

Innovators.Hamburg Innovation Eco-System


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